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Fort Worth, Texas

Sweetwater, Texas – Wind Wealth

This project is ongoing.

This is a series of photos that I’ve been working on as my day job takes me out to Sweetwater, Texas and back on occasion.

Lot of little towns are drying up in this area. 

Sweetwater is probably the wind energy capital of the United States, but wind energy provides very little in long term employment to local economies.

Two other major industries in this area are oil and agriculture.  The oil boom has moved on to richer areas and agriculture is becoming more centralized and automated every day. 

This first series of photos was taken on a foggy morning primarily in the areas surrounding the courthouse downtown.

Week One:

Week Two:  Primarily the main road between the interstate and downtown around the courthouse.  Some images near the local grocery store and the city park.  A lot sunnier this time around.


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