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Fort Worth, Texas

Days: March and April 2024

Day-to-Day Life with my Camera

‘Days’ posts will generally be mundane things that I see on my walks throughout my neighborhood or at home.  Generally with my wife and dog in tow, but sometimes alone.

Finally got my Ricoh GR IIIx in the mail, so hopefully image quality will be a lot better.  So far I love the camera.  It’s perfect for taking on walks.  Fits perfectly in my pocket or in the palm of my hand.

Below is one of the first photos that I took on our walks with it.  My neighborhood is about 20 years old, but I found this old fenceline in the walking trail area.  The brush hides it pretty well, so I doubt many people are even aware it was there.

Terrible lighting for my entire walk, except for the brief moment when the sun peaked out from the clouds.

Pigeons on bare branches.

House plant.

house plant

Statue in the park.

Pepper in our dark kitchen.  Resting after a long day of walking.

Pepper in the Kitchen

Blanket rack.

Blanket Rack


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